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deliver secure products

Expert security code analysis and testing

Continuous whitebox pentest Highest assurance

∞ code analysis

∞ (infinite) code analysis is just the perfect fit for your needs, today and ever. This service virtually expands your dev team with security experts, who help you build a secure product and who adapt to your priorities.

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◦ codeless analysis

◦ codeless analysis is a security pentest requiring no source code. It includes design reviews, and greybox/blackbox pentesting.

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Improve your knowledge Fun+Educational


Are you a pentester who likes a challenge? Or a developer who wishes to learn more about secure coding? A Capture The Flag (CTF) event might just be what you are looking for: a security-oriented treasure hunt activity in the format that suits you most.

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These companies improved their
security with Codean Labs

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I have to worry less about security. It’s like we have an extra person on our team that takes care of that. Continuously.

Bas Sponselee, CTO





The level of thoroughness in the pentest conducted by Codean Labs was exceptional, revealing previously unknown vulnerabilities. Thanks to their fast reporting, including improvement suggestions, we could quickly implement all necessary mitigations, and increase our overall confidence in the security of our system .

Cornelis Richter, COO

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The pentest services provided by Codean Labs have exceeded my expectations, leaving me thoroughly impressed. Their insightful findings have brought to light vulnerabilities that were previously unknown to us, enabling us to address them effectively.

Mesbah Sabur, Founder

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I appreciate your approach to work. The review environment makes it systematic without losing confidence that a real person is responsible for the work, not just AI.

Ruben Stolk, Founder & CTO




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While we have experimented with various pentest services before, none have matched the level of comprehensiveness and actionability provided by Codean Labs. Their recommendations have been invaluable in making substantial enhancements to our security posture.

Tim Kleinloog, Co-founder & CTO

Why Codean Labs?

Don't use us if...

You rather pay for low quality

We use far greater power than any SAST tool can provide: brain power (and passion, and experience).

You feel unimportant

We care for our clients and do our very best to accommodate their needs and help them embed security, stress-free.

You have decades-long experience in security

Then we are just redundant!

You are fine with risking your business

Recovering from a security incident costs more than most businesses can afford.

You love reading long-winded and complex reports

We only deliver improvement points that speak your language, using your tools, and that require no security knowledge to implement.

You love negotiating scope adjustments and reading small prints

We prefer to genuinely help.

Do work with us if...

You are a smart spender

Our experts have an extensive security background and industry experience, and can use the best tooling available. Our efficiency = lower price without compromising on quality. Win win!

You like to trust your software at all time

Security should not be an afterthought. We integrate to your development process, and resolve your security concerns before they materialize, keeping your design and development efforts minimal.

You rather receive digestible human feedback

Our security experts continuously monitor your progress on software development, so you can focus on what you do best, instead of trying to decrypt inaccurate and incomplete automated-tool reports.

You don't trust generic checklist work

We do what works best for you and your very software, and guide you in the journey to avoid blindspots.

You don't like to waste your time

Our aim is to have the least impact on your way of working, and to translate security improvements in actionable issues. Codean Labs integrates into your development workflow, pulls code (e.g. from Github), submits findings (e.g. to your Jira)… It’s like having a virtual teammate!

You believe in honesty, pragmatism, and straightforwardness

Our clients’ success is our success. Why would we play games or do anything to harm their trust?

Zero day vulnerabilities found by Codean Labs

Best value

Our security experts pay close attention where vulnerabilities may lurk, by following a pragmatic full-stack approach to application security: the more a functionality is security relevant, the closer we look at it, whether this implies inspecting your software or third-party products. We use our time wisely, and bring you the most value.

Following this approach, we not only help our clients best but also give back to the community by publishing CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures).

What is Codean Labs?

Codean Labs is the name of Codean's pentesting unit. We are hackers ourselves, and practice what we preach: we want to to show the world how application security can be high quality and cost efficient - no compromise needed.

What sets Codean Labs apart from other pentesting companies?

We believe security review can be done both more throughly and more cost-efficient, whereas other labs often compromise on one of these two. We achieve this through our home-grown tooling and processes that we have optimized over time.

I need to do a software pentest. Can you guide me through my options?

Of course! We are happy to assist you: chat with us, plan a meeting, or read on for a short summary!

If you would like a thorough pentest that enables you to rapidly find and resolve security issues in your code, opt for our ∞ code analysis service. If, instead, you would like to see what a real external hacker (without confidential knowledge of your solution) could do, go for our ◦ codeless analysis service. The latter can also be used for design review, if you are already thinking about security but do not have an implementation yet. If we failed to capture your very need on this FAQ, try contacting us: we strive to provide a personalized approach!

Do I have to share my source code with Codean Labs?

We understand the hesitation in sharing your most precious asset, the source code of your product. Therefore we have strong security measures in place to protect it during ∞ code analysis. Specifically, there is no need to share .zip files or download links with us, instead we connect our system with your own code hosting platform (e.g. Github, Gitlab), so we align at least with the security you already have in place.

If you prefer a security assessment without code access, we also offer our ◦ codeless analysis service. There, we step into the role of a real external hacker, exploring whether vulnerabilities can be found and abused with no additional knowledge.

I already use development / SAST tools. Would Codean Labs add any value?

Yes. Automated tools provide insight on the security of your source code, but they are limited in their ability to consider complex scenarios and attacks; they also provide a number of false positives / negatives, and results that are often difficult to understand and resolve.

Codean Labs provides human expert feedback instead. We manually analyze your source code and test discovered vulnerabilities to assess their associated risk. This way, we can provide you with higher quality and precise results that require no security expertise to be understood and remediated. No harm in using SAST tools as a first line of defense, definitely added value in using Codean Labs.

Does Codean Labs securely store source code?

Codean Labs takes security seriously, and employs industry-standard measures to protect your assets, such as your code and any potential findings. Because we connect straight to your code-hosting platform (e.g. Github, Gitlab, ...), there is no need to transfer ZIP files or use third-party cloud storage.

Do your experts have any certifications? What is your experience level?

Our analysts have a strong software security background, with experience and passion across a wide range of targets, programming languages and technology stacks. Additionally, all of our analysts are OSCP-certified.

We are here for you