Why Codean Labs?

Codean Labs is an innovator in the cybersecurity sector. Our team combines several years of hacking background and extensive industry experience, efficiently providing high quality services.

Innovation to deliver the best results

Maximizing our resources

In Codean Labs, everyone does what they are best at: tools automate simple tasks while the minds of security experts focus on complex problems where technology falls short.

Efficient, thorough, budget friendly

↑ quality, ↓ budget

Tools make Codean Labs faster than unaided source code reviewers – thus budget friendly. Security experts make Codean Labs’ services valuable and to the point – thus human friendly.

No frustrations

Your peace of mind is our main focus

Codean Labs shakes away all your security-related concerns. We minimize the path between a vulnerability discovery and its resolution by integrating with your issue tracker and providing just the information you need.

One of you

Security made easy

Integrating a pentesting process in your software life cycle can be daunting: a vulnerability assessment report landing on a developer desk calls for long hours to understand what went wrong, where, and why. No more! Codean Labs integrates with your technology and processes, just as if you hired a highly-skilled security expert in your team but without breaking the bank.


Our mission at Codean Labs is to protect and enhance the digital landscape through our expert software penetration testing services. By conducting thorough and timely security assessments (during any stage of a software product development), we empower organizations to strengthen their software solutions against cyber threats while also educating their development teams on best security practices.


At Codean Labs we strive to provide our clients with the most value at affordable prices. We aim to continually innovate our internal tooling and attract the best talents to efficiently deliver excellence in security assessment practices. With our strong ethics, integrity, and transparency, our goal is to become the trusted partner for organizations developing software solutions by meeting their unique needs and challenges.

Our story

Many promising ideas start by noticing problems. Our journey began with our dissatisfaction with the existing suite of tools accessible to security experts for conducting evaluations, along with all the deriving procedural inefficiencies aimed at addressing these gaps. Consider the complexities of sharing sensitive data, creating reports, and delivering consistent quality when each security expert need to use different tools that cannot meet all their needs alone.

Furthermore, the security industry faces a growing demand for software product evaluations, but the availability of security experts cannot keep pace, and automated tools still fall short compared to the work of experts.

This is why Codean, a tool to empower security experts, was developed. It was designed to empower security experts to handle a higher volume of evaluations, seamlessly share knowledge within their team (and train colleagues) as well as externally (assisting clients effectively and efficiently), all while improving their evaluation experience.

Codean Labs is Codean’s mutualistic symbiont: Codean gives Codean Labs’ experts a means to perform high quality work in an efficient and fun way Codean Labs gives Codean all the wisdom to stay ahead of the game.

A perfect match, a mutual commitment to continuous innovation and growth.

We are here for you