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Learning while having fun

CTF (Capture The Flag) events are a fun way to put your security knowledge to the test. In a CTF event, multiple teams are tasked with finding software vulnerabilities, and the team who scores the most points (by finding vulnerabilities / capturing flags) wins!


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How it works

You choose what fits your company best

Our CTF events are organized for different target audiences and needs (duration, venue, etc.). Just reach out, we will personalize the experience for you!

We make it happen

Got your laptop with internet access? Check! Then sit back and relax. We will ensure that the event is fun and educational for your team(s).



3 hours to 7 days


On-site or online


From “can read code” to “security guru”


In-person and/or online


Support-only, optional intro/closing session


Whitebox / web

Team building

During the CTF, participants will use Codean, our own platform for efficient and effective code review. This way, participants collaboration goes beyond just contributing to their team score. Codean enables fun teamwork through its realtime collaboration features. Participants can actively share insights, track each other’s progress, and easily coordinate efforts, regardless of their physical locations. Whether team members are across a table or continents apart, Codean’s intuitive interface makes it feel as if they are working side-by-side, sharing the same screen. Knowledge is shared more easily and conversations sparks, enhancing the team’s overall performance and learning experience.

Highly educational

Our Capture The Flag (CTF) event is not just a typical CTF offering a binary and a series of unrelated challenges. It immerses participants in the role of security analysts or developers, working on improving the security of a real-world application with full access to its code. They will be able to go beyond just identifying attacks: they will gain insights into the root causes of vulnerabilities and learn effective mitigation strategies, improving their security mindset and code-review skills.

What can I expect from a CTF?

Duration and format are rather flexible, and you can choose from a set of options depending on availability, expertise, and experience of participants. In the past we hosted events lasting between just a couple of hours up to a full week, in-person or fully remotely.

What types of challenges are included in the CTF?

If we had to assign a traditional CTF category to our flags, it would be "web", with several "pwn"-like challenges built in. However, due to the realistic nature of our vulnerable applications, some of the challenges require exploitation paths which do not fit under a single label. All in all, web application pentesters will probably feel the most at home with these challenges.

How difficult are the challenges?

The challenges (i.e. flags) vary in difficulty. Whether you are a security newbie or a seasoned expert, you will be able to enjoy yourself and capture some flags. We successfully hosted events for participants with roles ranging from developers with almost no security awareness to professional pentesters.

Does a CTF event require special setups or preparation?

There could not be easier requirements: all we need you to take care of is that you come harmed with a laptop with Internet connection. We take care of everything else!

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